Cube inc

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Cube inc

In a parallel universe, the Minecraft world is no longer one, lone person. The land is populated with people from all around, and demand for cubes is much higher. CUBE Incorporated, a large monopoly, solves this problem by sending their cube products everywhere across Minecraftia. You are one of the employees. You work at the West CUBE Complex just outside of Glacier City in the Glacier region. Nothing but a normal desk job for assigning where building parts will go. Adequate pay and boring work that keeps your eyes bloodshot when you walk home. Then something happened.

People began to complain about how some of their products felt "unsafe", "dangerous", and "deadly", so CUBE Inc. thought up a solution. They created a testing facility. This facility was used to make sure all products that are sent to their consumers are safe and perfect for any situation. After a while though there was talk of a great discovery. A new world with more wonders then anyone could believe. Because CUBE discovered this they had the rights to every block, and soon they were available to consumers. A scientist suddenly found a terrible sickness coming from this dimension though, and it was very contagious. All of CUBE Inc.'s buildings were closed, and cities were next. Before you left you noticed an odd door located in your boss' office though. A sign next to it said it led to something called an EPSR. Whatever that is. All you knew was that it was related to all of this sickness talk.

People are tearing themselves apart. The population is decreasing quickly and none have been from the sickness, but instead from murders that people commit because they don't want the people who are "tainted" to spread the disease. You create some ladders and put them in your chest to climb into the abandoned CUBE Inc. West building and fall asleep on one of your chairs. Tomorrow will be a big day.

Note! The Texture Pack is in the map download. Also the Texture Pack was created by the very talentedMalyatrax, not me! So give him complete credit for that!

Download Cube inc:


How to Play in SMP

Well, make sure you aren't using multiverse, first of all. If you are, you have to use only that one world that you have been given. The server SHOULD automatically move the nether world into a folder called world_nether. If it doesn't, I think you choose the folder DIM-1 from the world folder, (In this case, Cube Inc), and move it into the server renamed world_nether. NOTE: If your server level is named something else like Custom map, the nether file MUST be called Custom map_nether. Hope this helps! 


  • You may not break blocks with your hands unless told so.
    NOTE: Cave Tests are all possible without breaking blocks to go up paths, and if you get stuck in a cave you may break blocks, and place blocks to help..
  • Play on Peaceful through the game until areas where you are told to change difficulty.
  • Have fun!
  • Vote and say how you liked the map on this thread after you beat it.