Dimension of DooM

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This map is one of the few grand adventure/puzzle type maps available now. You can download it and try to solve all puzzles and clear all challenges!


Download Dimension of DooM

My main fucus while working on this new map was to add many puzzles accessible to everyone, there won't be crazy and unsolvable puzzles, but many fun and unexpected ones, including a lot of hidden areas and things to do too. This map has all the good stuff from my previous work but made even better!

So far it has about 25 min of gameplay and includes a lot of stuff (+things that were added in latest updates). This map is finished but remember that it is still in development, I will continue adding new stuff every version so check back later

This map Includes following:
- Puzzles (whole lot of different ones)
- Hidden stuff and passages
- Use of pistons 
- Locked Doors (a lot)
- Switches and Buttons (naturally)
- High score counting system (like in The Forgotten Temple)
- Puzzles with minecarts (including booster track pieces, etc.)
- Lava 
- Jumping paths (well, if you don't feel like it you don't have to do it)
- Dispensers (and fire arrows )
- Two worlds.
- etc.

How to install:

Just extract the archive into your minecraft save directory and then play like any normal world. Please follow the rules posted in starting room.