Rise of the Rebellion

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This is an amazing map by ParadiseDecay the creator of the "Star Wars - Death Star Run" video you may have seen floating around youtube. This map was made for the curse.com and minecraft.net 'Star Wars Content Contest' and it it awesome. If you are a star wars fan you will love this map. ParadiseDecay has recreated many of the most iconic scenes from the movies. This map includes light sabers and blasters, storm trooper and darth maul mobs, a ridiculous "upside down" level and so much more. ParadiseDecay has taken minecraft adventure maps to a new level. Even if you don't like star wars you should check out this map.


Alternate download

You NEED to use the texture pack that is in the download otherwise you will not be able to play this map properly.


  • Epic 'Star Wars' Themed Adventure.
  • Light Sabers & Blasters.
  • Stormtrooper & DarthMaul Mobs.
  • Massive Sets - Star Destroyer, Tie Fighter Bay, Death Star Trench, Mega AT-AT's.
  • Minecrafts 1st 'Mindblowing' Upside down level.
  • Puzzles, Explosions, Parkour & Exploration.
  • Pre-Star Wars Episode IV storyline.
  • 5 months in the making!
  • Easter Eggs featuring all your favourite Minecraft celebrities.
  • Award winning Content!

V11.0 - Because of a minecart bug in Minecraft versions 1.2, I've had to change the end segment so you don't die when you fall in a minecart.
V10.9 - Some spelling mistakes corrected.
V10.8 - Converted to Minecraft 1.2, tested and working as intended.
V10.7 - Changed a sign in the core room, as people we're thinking they had 5 mins left to complete the map doh!
V10.6 - Added more spawn points after the hard parkour section.
V10.5 - Removed some spare buttons from the outside of the Falcon.
V10.4 - Having watched a lot of 'lets play' videos, I decided to replace the pressure plate in the base of the exhaust port core with a lever becuase mobs we're getting inside the room and triggering the 5 min explosion prematurely. I also added glass blocks to the walkway to allow players to easily spot the chest at its base.
V10.3 - The last schematic was unobtainable due to a block being on top of the chest. The block has been removed.
V10.2 - Noticed a few blocks out of place during a few 'Lets Play' video's. I think Endermen took them. I also edited a few signs.
V10.1 - A major rain storm was causing lag for some players. This version of the map has been saved after the storm.
V10.0 - Changed some of the names in the cells, nothing major.
V1.9 - Added further information about the Easter Egg names in the cells.
V1.8 - Text rules updated. I changed books to read maps.
V1.7 - Added my competition winning details to the map, with a thanks to curse.com and minecraft.net.
V1.6 - Fixed some missing pictures.
V1.5 - Added More Popular Names to the cells, Changed some artwork.
V1.4 - Works with Minecraft 1.1
V1.3 - Added More helpfull signs, removed upside down chests
* Removed the upside down chests as they we're making the game crash.
* Added more helpfull signs
V1.2 - Added new item skins:
*Eggs now look like circuits
*Broken Glowstone now look like Futuristic Power Symbols
V1.1 - Server spawn now has direction to starting area
*Added More Easter Eggs

Project Info:


Mine Wars Texture Pack by Permission:

Star Wars Shuttle Schematic by Permission:

Star Wars ATAT Schematic by:

Star Wars Theme Note Block Schematic courtesy of:

Star Destroyer Schematic courtesy of:

Special Thanks to George Lucas for the inspiration.
Map Created for curse.com and minecraft.net 'Star Wars Content Contest'