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The Situation: The city is in ruins, monsters have flooded the area, the apocalypse has come. You are alone, in a hospital, with no supplies or communication. The backup generator is supplying the city with power, but the power is failing and is already weak. You must fight your way through hordes of monsters, brave the darkness of the buildings and escape this horrid city.


Aim: You have survive and purge the city of darkness. Finding supplies can be difficult, but not impossible. Supplies can be found in almost all the buildings, as the original inhabitants fled the city. Be warned: The supplies can be a challenge to get to. Supplies can range from a few sticks and some bread to diamond tools and golden apples. The better the items, that harder they are to reach.

The City: The city is called Horizon City. It has everything a normal city does; Shopping malls, sky scrapers, apartment blocks, warehouses, subways and even residential areas...but its all in ruins. There are explosions everywhere, likely caused by the Creepers. The demo is around 350x350 blocks, with the full release being 1000x1000 blocks big, walled in by adminium. There will be exits to the outside world in the full release, but not the demo! should you want to leave. But leaving is hard.

The Monsters: The original inhabitants of this city may have fled, but many stayed back and are now roaming the city, mutated beyond recognition. Most do not like direct sunlight, and will generally not stray near roads. Most will congregate in the darkest buildings, or try to ambush you from vantage points.

This map can either be used in a single player game or a multiplayer game. It is reccommended for a single player game, as multiplayer can have lag issues. Fighting monsters with lag = incredibly difficult.

And just to clarify: We are not hosting a server. This was built for a single player game, but YOU can host a server with this world if you do want to, just remember to give us credit

So after a long, long time we have finally released the demo. Apologies for the wait. At around 330x330, with over 1100 spawners, here it is: Horizon City


Download Zombie Apocalypse [Demo] Map

This is the final version of the demo we are going to release. It contains:
- A sewer system (Contains many items, but is quite difficult)
- Fixed pumpkins, they are now facing the right way (After 3 hours)
- More redstone and slimeballs in the map, plus a lot more iron
- Removed a building and replaced it with a new one
- Updated the texture pack
- Updated some buildings and put spawners in them, along with items.
- Added a set of diamond armor in the sewer. Have fun trying to get it.
- Also updated the Babylon casino, taking out the leaves.


1. There are no rules. Go nuts, destroy anything and build anything.

It is still in what you would call an Alpha stage of release: All the items and buildings are in, but we are yet to test and tweak the items. 
It is also just a demo. There is no escape, no story line and nothing outside the box. The full release will be muchbetter!

Team Members and Contributors
As of right now, There are 6 dedicated people working on this project:

SirCallum: (Coordinator/Designer/Builder)
TappTapp: (Texture Pack Artist/Designer/Builder)
Hirro: (Designer/Builder/Video Producer)
Warperson: (Designer/Builder)
DrKrinkels: (Designer/Main Contributor/Storyline Editor)
Gombnom: (Designer/Builder)

We also have some contributors and helpers, the names of which will be listed here:

arcticwolf15: (Builder/Beta Tester)
Landmine: (Builder)
millees: (Designer/Beta Tester/Builder)
Krunchyman: (Beta Tester)
Lil_Ryan: (Builder)
mr moo: (Builder)
Nickotine: (Builder)
drfroob: (Builder)
Dannster: (Builder)
xaxk: (Builder)
Jennalele: (Beta Tester)
Writr: (Beta Tester)
25wes25: (Builder)
ssbberggren: (Builder)
xBoBox: (Builder)
Deivs4: (Builder)
greenlizardgamer: (Builder)

and hopefully more to come...

Posted Image
Picture showing the railroad

Posted Image
Picture of some of demo buildings.

Posted Image
Picture showing the sewer system

Posted Image
Picture showing the city at night

And before you say anything, I am aware several things like this exist right now. I just thought it would be fun to make and that people may be interested in having several different things to try.